Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker

Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker


Vulcan Ass Shower Strokers are smooth, slick strokers even without lube!

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The H2O Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker is a smooth, slick realistic stroker. The main feature of the masturbator is it gets slick even without lube. The H2O Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker becomes slick when it gets wet. This Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker is the latest in supreme masturbators made of the now world famous Cyberskin material. The best material from which to manufacture sex toys because of it’s realistic look and feel. Making the Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker one of the most remarkably life like masturbators available to date.

The inner sleeve is designed to mimic the look and life like feel of a real woman! Each and every style of the Vulcan masturbators has it’s very own unique inner tunnel design. Each Vulcan toys has a specially textured love tunnel unique to it’s self. No two Vulcan styles are the same, because of this each toy delivers a unique sensation to your penis.

Another great feature to the Vulcan line of masturbators is that you can use the Vulcan toys with or without the plastic casing. If used while in the casing, a slight squeeze will provide an even pressure all around the masturbator. This action gives you direct control over the tension you like in your workout. Removing the toy from the casing is great fun to. The open ended design of the sleeve is fun and easy to use and clean. Use your Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker just about anywhere because all of the Vulcan toys are waterproof. You can use them in a tub or shower is ideal or out in the rain if your the adventurous type. Each Vulcan also includes a waterproof hang cord so the use and the storage are super easy.

Extra Fun with Lubes and Your Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker

Don’t forget to grab some lube for your Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker. Any Cyberskin toy if not all masturbators would be enjoyed so much more when used with a lubricant. I would go as far as to say it is a requirement. A nice, simple water-based lubricant (illustrated on the left) is great. It’s a large 6 ounce bottle for only $20.00 and specially formulated to be used with any Vulcan mastubator. The large bottle will last for some time because you only need to apply a small amount. The special                               “Wet” formula is designed to stay slick for long periods of time.

Formulated for Vulcan toys yes, but an all around great lubricant for any use in the bedroom. Toy and condom safe.
Add Heat

The second in a line of three supreme Vulcan lubricants is the “Heat Lube” and comes highly recommended.                  Never work with a cold mastubator again apply heat to the situation. This lubricant is available in a 6 ounce bottle same as the wet lube mentioned above. Like the wet lube the heat is a steal at only $20.00 each. All Vulcan lubes are condom safe a great option to use with any sex toy. The warming lube is a great lube to use with a partner to, add some warmth to your love making sessions.

Cool Things Down

Last but certainly not least is this very unique Cooling Glide Vulcan Lube. As you may have guessed by the name this lube will actually give you a cooling sensation. Once you have mastered using the heat lube see if you can handle the chilling sensation of winter on the penis. Caution: Only a small amount is required, don’t over use this lube you will get frostbite! Just kidding of course but we had to bring your attention to this truly unique, one of a kind lube. Like the above mentioned lubes the cooling glide is safe for sex toys and sexual intercourse. Have some fun and surprise your lover, dab some on pretending it’s regular water based lube and watch her surprise.

Bonus: Buy a Vulcan masturbator combined with any of the three Vulcan lubes for free shipping.

Please enjoy this demo video for an overview of the Vulcan mastubators.
Please note: this is a general video and may not show the exact Vulcan model in this listing.

Caring for your new Vulcan Ass Shower Stroker

The Vulcan line of masturbators are available with many textured inner tunnel design styles. They are all available in Vaginal, Anal and Mouth variations and all available in either a vibrating or non vibrating type. We are certain you will try more than one type of Vulcan masturbator so we want to help you maintain them for life. The most important item on the list is to keep your toy not only clean but sanitary as well. It’s always a good idea to clean your new Vulcan before and after each use. This will prevent any bacteria from ever setting in, plus it keeps your toy looking like the day it was purchased.
Simply lightly hand wash the toy with soap and water and be sure to rinse it well. Apply a small amount of Adult Male Toy Cleaner to sanitize the toy. Before you store your Vulcan away in it’s original packaging for safe keeping you may want to consider applying some Cyber Renew Powder. Designed specifically with materials like Cyberskin or Loveskin in mind. Applying the powder before you store the toy away will ensure it stays as soft as it was meant to be for years to come.

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