Silicone Anal Finger Plug Purple

Silicone Anal Finger Plug Purple


Velvety soft medical grade silicone with a super stretchy finger holder.

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Purple Anal Finger Plug by Climax is the next step in anal play. This sleek tapered butt plug has a super stretchy finger hole. This makes it easy for anal play with a partner or by yourself. By hooking your finger through the hole, you know that you can safely play and not worry about losing your anal sex toy. The medical grade silicone is soft and flexible, yet firm enough to keep it’s shape. With 3.5 insertable inches and a 1 inch diameter, it’s the perfect size for beginners. Are you advanced, use it for foreplay to get things started. Want a different color? It’s also available in Blue and Pink.

The wonderful thing about silicone is that it can get very cold or hot and never lose it’s shape. This makes it one of the most versatile materials to make a number of sex toys out of. Because of it’s ability to mirror the temperature around it, changing temps can be very sexually exciting. Place the Purple Anal Finger Plug in a glass of ice or the freezer and then try it. The sensation will be like nothing you’ve ever felt. Conversely, fill a glass with warm, not too hot, water and see how different it feels. Speaking of water, this butt plug is fully waterproof so fun in the Jacuzzi, tub or shower is an exciting option. With so many ways to have fun with this toy there is one question left. What are you waiting for?

Anal Play and the Purple Anal Finger Plug

Did you know the first anal plugs on the market were sold as medical devices? Although, they were not for the uses we think they would be. From 1893 to the mid-1940’s, a “Dr. Young” sold Rectal Dilators to cure all sorts of common marital sex issues. The most obvious of which was to “spice up” ones love life. Since then anal sex has become one of the most popular sex acts for couples to experiment with together. Anal sex is pleasurable for both a woman or a man, this Purple Anal Finger Plug is definitely a cure for humdrum sex.

One of the most googled questions about sex is about anal sex or anal sex toy play. The answer isn’t too complicated, it’s about pleasure. There are loads of nerve endings that feel great and connect directly to the brain. As a result, they can send a message of pleasure just as easily as they send any other message. Most people who have tried anal play the proper way find it incredibly enjoyable and satisfying.

Using Your New Purple Anal Finger Plug

There are two main keys to beginning play properly. The first is lube, or anal lube to be exact. The anus does not naturally provide lubrication, therefore lubricant is of utmost importance. You may have vaginal lube around but it is worth it to invest in anal lubricant. It’s thicker and tends to stay where you put it. Anal lube is thicker than regular lube and may contain numbing agents to make the experience more pleasurable. Some anal lubes contain Lidocaine or Benzocaine to make your play more comfortable and fun. Or you can use a lube that does not have a numbing agent in it.

Secondly, begin small, with something like a finger or the Purple Anal Finger Plug. It’s essential for a good experience that you don’t go too fast or big. This is where the size and shape can really come in handy. Gently circle the outer part of the anus with the finger tip. This can be very erotic and may help you to relax. Gradually you can begin to insert but stop if there is pain. You may need to slow it down. Like anything, practice makes perfect and it may take a few sessions for you to be comfortable enough to insert the whole anal sex toy.


100% platinum-cured silicone

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