Michael Lucas Silky Lube 8oz.

Michael Lucas Silky Lube 8oz.


Michael Lucas introduces his After Hours Silk Sensations Water-Based Lubricant.

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Product ID: 1101025 Michael Lucas Silky Lube

Michael Lucas introduces his After Hours Silk Sensations Water Based Lubricant. One of the best lubricants available on the market today. It’s condom compatible so it won’t harm the integrity of latex. Get as messy as you like the clear water soluble formula will not stain your sheets or fabric of any kind.

A limited edition and available only in an 8 ounce bottle. Sold for a limited time so grab one now, once it’s gone…it’s gone.

Most sex toys, especially masterbators would require a lubricant. A nice but simple water based lubricant would do just fine. But for a truly unique sensation try using one of our Cooling, Warming or Tingling lubes.

A lubricant is recommended to use with any internal vibrators as well. Regardless of the amount of natural lubrication a woman produces. A lube can enhance a vibrators sensations even when used externally, for example on the clitoris. Using a lube is about providing a pleasurable experience, it can enable smooth penetration and decrease the risk of vaginal irritation. So regardless of ones self lubricating potential you may want to give a water based lube a try.

So don’t forget to grab some lube for your vibrator or stroker.

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Michael Lucas Silky Lube, Who is Michael Lucas?

Michael Lucas is a Russian, Israeli, American gay pornographic film actor. He is also a director, activist, writer and the founder/CEO of Lucas Entertainment, New York City’s largest gay-adult-film company. He has had an extensive modeling career, Extasy Shops carries only but a few of his line of lubes and masterbators. Michael Lucas is and documentary filmmaker and one of the world’s best known entrepreneurs in the field of adult entertainment. In a career that has spanned more than 20 years he has built a powerful presence in the adult industry and beyond.