Fantasia Penis Ring Clear Beaded

Fantasia Penis Ring Clear Beaded


Fantasia Penis Ring Clear Beaded in a set of three graduating sizes. Made from body safe silicone.

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Fantasia Penis Ring Clear Beaded in a set of three graduating sizes. Comes with 3 sizes for different uses, use 1 or all three at the same time. Penis rings or cock rings have long been popular in men wanting to keep an erection longer but they can also be used for fun in the bedroom too. Use them during masturbation as well to intensify your orgasm. Make your erections larger and last longer with this set Fantasia Penis Ring Clear Beaded. Because your erection lasts longer, your orgasms will be more intense too.  These rings have nubs around them which will add pleasure during sex. Made of Elastomer silicone, a super stretchy material that keeps it’s shape and is very durable, it is also comfortable. Silicone rings are body safe and Phthalate free. 

Using Fantasia Penis Ring Clear Beaded

While there are many reasons to use a cock ring, including having fun, you should be careful to use them properly. If you are a beginner, these types of stretchy rings are perfect for you as they will fit most men. You should be flaccid or partly erect when putting on the cock ring. Once you become erect, it should be tight but not causing pain or cutting off circulation. Because these rings are super stretchy, that should not be a problem with them. Try to limit your use of the ring to between 20 – 30 minutes and make sure that you never fall asleep with a cock ring on. Experiment with how you wear them to see what ways you like best. Around the balls and at the base of the shaft. Move it up a bit to the middle of the penis or even just below the head.

There is no set rule on how to wear them. Lube will make it easier to put on too. We suggest a water-based lube because a silicone lube will break down the silicone material in your ring. Also, remember to clean your ring before and after each use with anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Check out the great lubes and cleaners we have for sale here at Extasy Shops by clicking on this link…Lubes & Oils.

Also check out our wide selection of cock rings by clicking on this link…Penis Enhancement Rings.

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